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Will my phone provider allow phone forwarding?

All VOIP (Voice Over Internet) phones will allow forwarding to our office during our office hours. Other phone providers without VIOP services may work, depending on your phone plan.

Because phone providers who are not VOIP do not allow forwarding during specific hours of the day, CallForce may be unable to be compatible with those services. If you do have a non-VOIP phone provider, or are unsure if your phone provider is VOIP, CallForce will do a complimentary conference call with your phone provider to see if it can be compatible with our system.

Phone providers that will work: Weave, Jive, Mango Voice, Nextiva, Ring Central, Sharpen, Intermediate, Vonage, Verizon Digital Voice

Phone providers that will need a conference call to verify service: Comcast, Wave Broad Band, Cox Business