Why did I not get a nightly calling report?

Reports are only sent if we speak with your patients over the course of that day.


If you did not receive a report, the most likely explanation is that we did not make recalls for your office that day. On average, we will only call for your office once or twice each week to avoid bugging your patients.

If something is wrong or not working with your account, we will reach out to you when the issue arises. However, if you go a long period of time without receiving a report please reach out to us at support@getcallforce.com and we will check to make sure that everything with your account is good to go.

Answering Service

If you did not receive a report, it is possible that we did not answer any calls for your office that day. However, if you go multiple days without receiving a report, reach out to support@getcallforce.com or call 801.901.0502 as this could be a sign that the phones are not forwarding correctly.