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How are my phone calls handled by CallForce?

Our team member's first priority is assisting your patients as best as they can.

Once a call has been picked up by our team, we thank them for calling the office and ask how we can help them. While on the call, our team is trained to always collect a name and a phone number so if your office has any followup questions, you can contact them. We listen to the patient’s request and do our best to meet any of the needs we have the ability to assist with. Our schedulers are trained to use your software, schedule your patients, and answer patient questions based on criteria that you set.

If there is anything we cannot help them with (billing, in some cases pricing, sending patient records to another practice, in some cases scheduling treatment, etc), we let the patient know we are an out of office service and that someone from the front desk will be reaching out to help them. In these scenarios, we mark the report as an “action item,” which sorts reports in your portal so your team knows which patients are expecting a callback. 

If we encounter an emergency situation that needs immediate/quick response, we mark the report as “urgent” which will send an email to you immediately after the report is submitted. We can also forward calls to an emergency forwarding number if your office has one set up.