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What happens when Callforce receives an emergency call?

We notify your office right away if we receive a phone call from a patient with an emergency.

If we encounter an emergency situation that needs immediate/quick response, we mark the report as “urgent”, which will send an email notification to you immediately. We can also forward calls to an emergency forwarding number if your office has one set up.

What is the difference between an emergency situation vs. patient inquiry, billing question or new patient appointment?

Our general rule usually goes that if there is anything the scheduler feels the office will need to know within 48 hours, it will then be marked as "Urgent" which will immediately send an email to your user emails. Every other call won't be sending an immediate email but will be sent in the nightly report link at the end of the day.

If CallForce receives an emergency call, how quickly will we be notified?

You will be notified of emergency phone calls right away via email. The notes of the call will also automatically update on your customer portal. If your office would prefer us to transfer the caller to an emergency line, we can do that as well.