One of our Patients Already had/has an Appointment, but Callforce Contacted Them. Why?

We don't want to bother your patients with unnecessary calls.

Note: Reading the calling process article before reading this article is recommended for understanding the answer to this question. Click here to view that article in a new tab. We developed a system that efficiently contacts all of your overdue patients without overcalling them. If you have questions about which patients we contact, click here


When we pull your recall list, we filter out any patients with a future appointment. However, occasionally a patient or two with a future appointment might still be contacted.

The reason this happens is because of how our calling process is set up. We gather the list of overdue patients once a month and call through the list. Every once in a while, a patient who missed our call during Calling Round #1 will see the missed call from your office's phone number, decide they want a cleaning, and then call your office themselves and set up an appointment. Since our team member didn't reach them, they mark the patient as "answering machine" so they know to contact them again during Calling Round #2. During Calling Round #2, that patient who had already scheduled themselves will be contacted again. Our schedulers are trained for this scenario and simply confirm the appointment with the patient instead of trying to schedule them.

If you have additional questions, call 801-901-0502 and press 2 for support.