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How do I know Callforce will schedule things correctly for our office?

We follow YOUR scheduling guidelines!

Our team uses scheduling guidelines set by your office to assist your patients. During the onboarding process, we walk through what we call a “Doctor Profile” with one of your team members and compile all the information we need to schedule things correctly. We gather information like which operatories to schedule in, what appointment lengths for new patients vs. existing patients, new patient specials, what information to collect when scheduling a new patient...the list goes on. If you have any additional questions about what information goes into our doctor profile, you can reach out to your account manager.


If your office ever changes one of its scheduling guidelines, you have a dedicated account manager you can reach out to who will make sure things get updated on our end. To reach out to your account manager, call 801-901-0502 or support@getcallforce.com.